A weekend full of activities to empower, motivate, educate and challenge you! 

A Day at RISE

Each day at RISE will consist of:

  • Full group morning activity 

  • Fundamentals & functional movement class

  • One specialty exercise class

  • Partner Track Activity

  • Group education

  • Evening program 

  • Plenty of breaks to recoup and rejuvenate

  • Meals 


Research is being released constantly around the topic of Parkinson's.  What meds are best? How do to manage your non-motor symptoms? What exercise is best? 

RISE invites health professionals whom are leaders in what they do to educate you on various other topics important to your PD & Life. 

Group Activities

Interacting together as a group is beyond powerful.  All our exercise classes are group format, but in addition to that is simply the overall structure of the retreat.  We reside in the same residence, we eat our meals together, we socialize, interact, share stories and learn from each other. 


Parkinson's Specific Exercise Programming is created solely for RISE.  Naomi & Natasha believe that exercise should targeted to the challenges you experience, be functional so it can integrated into your everyday tasks and FUN! 

There are several late night SKYPE calls as your coordinators put on their thinking caps, look at the research, and come together to bring you an amazing exercise component for RISE

Evening Program

There are so many activities out there that can benefit and aid in the management of your PD.  Our evening program invites instructors to guide you in new and exciting activities you may not have tried in your own communities before. 

RISE 2018 welcomed Dance for PD, Drumming and Yoga. 

Care Partner Track

We want you to bring your care partner so you can experience RISE together.  There will be parts of the retreat where we are all together; however, there is also parts that are specifically designed for just the care partners. 

The care partner track may include their own exercise class (so they can see how hard the PD participants work), education and support.